Introducing TelliT

TelliT cards are a labour of love created by retired lecturer, Peter Roberts in England. Peter took five years to research the cards and create a way of divining answers to questions.

TelliT Cards

Each pack of cards contains 22 cards, each card has a theme (Balance, rebirth, temptation etc.). Unlike Tarot cards, the themes are positive and allow one to explore the future with optimism. Each themed card has a set of readings on it. Depending on how the card is selected, one of the readings will have a relevant answer to the question posed.

TelliT cards feature a bold image

For example:

I ask: Is this business opportunity the right one for me?

I shuffle the Tellit cards and select three of them at random, while thinking of the question.

The first card drawn is Change, because it is the first card, I read the first paragraph on the card.

A major transformation is about to take place. a significant life change will happen. Now is the time to abandon old ways and habits. A problem becomes a blessing in disguise that will clear the way for something better. Exciting times ahead.

The Change Card

The second card drawn was Inner Power, because it is the second card, I read the second paragraph.

Delayed success and a loss of faith in oneself being passed over or left behind trouble you. Stagnation and delay are difficult to cope with. Troubles which are the result of indecision are weakness. Fault must be accepted before this cycle will improve.

The Inner Power Card

The third card drawn was Light, because this is the last card, I read the final paragraph.

Adaptability and a willingness to take risks bring success. Knowledge is power. Remember to look wisely and deeply into matters of importance. The will to be versatile and flexible will be advantageous. An important cycle begins. Renew friendships.

The Light Card

At the bottom of the cards are written:- The beginning of a new era – embrace it; Things are Improving you are able to cope and Joy and happiness are on the way.

The answer that the cards reveal is that I’ve come to a point in my life where I can no longer hesitate and let an opportunity pass me by. In the past, I have lacked vision and held business back. This time if I am going to make a success, I can’t afford to let my old habits get in the way, I must accept that I was at fault and not repeat the same mistakes. With newfound hope, I need to take risks that I can afford and be versatile to new opportunities and commitments and seek advice from old friends and colleagues.

Out of the 22 cards, there are 9,250 permutations of answers. Peter created them to be much more intuitive than tarot cards and much less vague than I-ching.

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